How to use curlformers

Each Curlformer has an opening at both ends, allowing you to insert the hook and pull it completely through. Simply place the hook end into an opening of the curler (it doesn't matter which end) and slide the hook all the way through.


Tip: Squeeze the end of the Curlformer to open it to make hook insertion easier.


Near the root of the section of hair you're getting ready to place into the Curlformer, give the hair a little twist. This makes it easier to get all of it inside the curler.


Tip: Set wet or damp hair.


Place the hook beneath the hair section you're getting ready to place inside the Curlformer.


Push the Curlformer close to the scalp and with the other hand holding the end of the hook protruding from the opposite Curlformer opening, gently pull the hook holding the hair through the curler.


Tip: Every pull may not go smoothly, especially if some hair escapes from the hook. If you catch or snag, stop, and push the hook back toward the scalp. Begin again so that you don't place tangled hair into the curler.


Continue pulling the hook end in one smooth motion until the hair section is encased in the Curlformer.


Tip: If the Curlformer doesn't spring back to its perfect spiral shape once the hook is removed, simply hold the end of the curler nearest the scalp and run the other hand down the length of it to smooth it straight out. Let it go and it should bounce right back into shape.


Repeat this process over all the hair you want to curl. Although it may seem like a tedious process, once you have the technique in place, it goes surprisingly quickly.


The reason Curlformers come in two different colors for each size is because they twist in opposite directions. If you want your hair to curl away from your face, color matters!


Tip: To curl hair away from your face, place pink, green and magenta curlers on the left side of the head; blue, yellow and orange curlers go on the right side of the head.


Let hair dry completely before removing Curlformers. Because their surface is mesh-like, air constantly circulates through, so drying time isn't as long as magnetic rollers. To speed things up, you can sit under a hood dryer or use a hand-held dryer over the head. Air drying may take two to five hours, depending on length and thickness of hair. Once hair is dry, hold hair close to the scalp with one hand and use the other to straighten the Curlformer and slip it off.


This is model, whose hair is chemical-free.



How to use curlformers: